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Position Name Email
Band Director Rob Stegeman director@fhnbands.com
Guard Director John Miller (636) 328-4451 jmiller@turnkeytec.com
FHN Band Booters
Position Name Email
President Emily Weaver president@fhnbands.com
Vice President Rex Anderson vicepresident@fhnbands.com
Treasurer Wayne Prinster treasurer@fhnbands.com
Secretary Char Helmick secretary@fhnbands.com
Symphonic and Concert Band Anita Karase symphonic@fhnbands.com
Jazz Band Stefanie Fairless jazz@fhnbands.com
Guard Jim Karase guard@fhnbands.com
Pit/ Visual /Maintenance Chip Crow pit@fhnbands.com
Social Events social@fhnbands.com
Forms Sherri Brown forms@fhnbands.com
Band Camp Julie Perry bandcamp@fhnbands.com
Uniforms Kate Statzer uniforms@fhnbands.com
Middle School Liaison Rachel Anderson middleschool@fhnbands.com
Senior Committee Susan Seay seniors@fhnbands.com
Event Support Christy Kolath eventsupport@fhnbands.com
Mentors Kristi Gordon  mentors@fhnbands.com
FFC Fundraising Vicky Balleydier fundraising@fhnbands.com
Family Arena Scott Kolath familyarena@fhnbands.com
Logos/Promo Items Jennifer Lowery logos@fhnbands.com
Scrip Matt Temper scrip@fhnbands.com
Overnight Stacey Sickendick overnight@fhnbands.com
Trivia Night & General Fundraising Cynthia Brewer trivia@fhnbands.com
Alumni Colleen Chruma alumni@fhnbands.com
Twitter Colleen Chruma socialmedia@fhnbands.com
Music In Motion Karen Basford musicinmotion@fhnbands.com
Art In Motion Kirsten LaBarge  artinmotion@fhnbands.com
Concessions Dan Moore  concessions@fhnbands.com
Webmaster Chris Weaver webmaster@fhnbands.com

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Rob Stegeman

Band Director
2549 Hackmann Rd, St. Charles, MO. 63303-5471
(636) 851-5078
Welcome to the Home of the Francis Howell North Bands. The head band director is Mr. Robert Stegeman. We look forward to watching your students grow and progress as musician/performers.