Band Camp Supplies

Band Camp will be here soon!  Below is a list of supplies that students need for band camp.  The lyres or flip folders aren’t typically used the first day of band camp but it is best to get them sooner rather than later so kids can start practicing with them.  Students use them at football games to play pep tunes but they learn the pep tune music at various times during band camp.  You can check your local music supply store to purchase.

Band Camp Supplies for Musicians

Wear Athletic Clothing

Tennis Shoes with arch support

1 gallon water jug (labeled with your student’s name)


Bring a packed lunch

Hat or visor (recommended)

Sunglasses (recommended)

BERP (brass)

Folder for music


Memo Pad

Lyres or flip folders to hold music instrument specific

Questions?  Please contact Kristi Gordon, Mentors Chair at