2023 Marching Band Enrollment Forms

This page will be updated soon for the 2024 marching season.  Until then, please visit our enrollment page to learn more about the courses and extra-curricular activities offered for the upcoming school year.


Below you will find the forms necessary for completion prior to taking the field in Marching Band Activities.  If you have not picked up a packet of forms, you may print them here and return them to the Band Room.

Marching Band forms that are turned into FHNBB

  1. 2023 Marching Band Forms Checklist
  2. Medical Aid Form
  3. 2023 Family Financial Commitment (FFC) Agreement
  4. Parent Information Form
  5. Band Uniform Contract 2023
  6. Photo Release Form 2023
  7. Marching Band Expectations Contract 2023
  8. Francis Howell Field Trip Informational Packet

Additional forms that are submitted on the FHN Activities website after June 15 each year

  1. Pre-Participation MSHSAA Physical Form – Valid for 2 years
  2. MSHSAA Documentation – Annual Requirement
  3. FHSD Impact Testing Consent Form (for Colorguard only)

Overnight Field Trips

  1. FHSD Overnight Field Trip Presentation
  2. FHSD Overnight Field Trip Form
  3. FHSD Overnight Field Trip Verification


  1. FHSD Background Check – Please turn in completed background check forms to any district building.  Do not return to the Band room.
  2. FHN Activities Website
  3. FHSD Student Activity Fee – Web Store
  4. FHN Sports Passes

Marching Band Important Documents

  1. FHN Knight Pride Bands Info
  2. How to stay in the loop 2023
  3. North Schedule 2023
  4. Knight Pride Supply List

FHSD Injury Report Form

This form is to be completed if your child is injured while participating in a FHN school event or practice.

Accident/Incident Report Form