Music In Motion Committee

Description of Committee Responsibilities

Welcome to the Music In Motion Committee page! Our committee plays a vital role in supporting the Francis Howell North Band program. We are dedicated to organizing and hosting the annual Music in Motion marching band competition.  This is a large fundraiser for the band program and requires many, many volunteers.  Because of the size of the event, we have broken down support into smaller sub-committees.  Responsibilities of the sub-committee leaders are as follows:

    • Music in Motion Coordinator – Oversees all aspects of the event, partnering with Dr. Curtis
    • Volunteers Coordinator – Responsible for securing adult volunteers, volunteer schedule, name tags for volunteers, volunteer check-in
    • Print Coordinator – Responsible for assembling print materials including event program and fliers
    • Parking Lot Coordinator – Responsible for mapping out location of stations (ticket sales, sweet treats, hospitality, water station, etc.), prep of parking lot (e.g. put out sing, ensure enough handicap spots, block area for food trucks), monitor parking during event
    • Event Facility Coordinator – Responsible for management of event set up and clean up, secure necessary non-food supplies (portable toilets, tents, signage, water cups, etc.), secure photographer
    • Financial Coordinator – Responsible for brining start up cash for event, configuring Square payments and providing the devices, having checks ready for the judges, collecting profits from the various stands throughout the day, ensuring stations have necessary cash.  Note: This role is typically filled by the FHN Bands Treasurer.
    • Press Box Coordinator – Responsible for judges, announcer(s), score tabulation, student runners, director packets
    • Fan Favorite / Air Grams / Raffles Coordinator – Responsible for the Fan Favorite, Air Grams, and Raffle stands, secures needed supplies
    • Concession Stand Coordinator – Responsible for the management of the concession stand for the event and secure needed supplies/food for concession stand
    • Sweet Treats / Food Truck Coordinator – Responsible for the management of the Sweet Treats stand for the event and secures needed supplies/food.  Responsible for securing any outside vendor food trucks (e.g. Kona Ice, Coffee truck)
    • Hospitality Room Coordinator – Responsible for the management of the hospitality rooms for the directors, staff, and bus drivers, secures needed supplies/food
    • Judges Food Coordinator – Responsible for feeding the judges throughout the day, secures needed supplies/food 
    • FHN Band Students Coordinator – Responsible for feeding the FHN band students during the day of the event, secures needed supplies/food.  Note: This role is typically filled by Event Support

Time Commitment

We understand that parents have busy schedules.  The time commitment for leading this committee is approximately 10-15 hours a week beginning mid-August through the event.  You will partner with Dr. Curtis through the whole process.  The event itself is a full day and all parents are asked to volunteer as they are able.

Skills and Qualifications

No specific qualifications are required.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We welcome your participation!  We will need the help of all parents and students to run a successful event.  Volunteer opportunities include:

      • Sub-committee leaders for the areas listed above
      • Participation in sub-committees for planning and event execution
      • Working shifts during the event
      • Donations (food, monetary) 

    Ways to Contribute Remotely

    Can’t make it to in-person events?  You can still contribute remotely:

      • Event planning
      • Donations (food, monetary)

    Committee Updates and Communications

    Stay up to date with our regular updates and communications:

      • Booster meetings
      • Music In Motion planning meetings
      • BAND app posts

    Questions and Contact Information

    Have questions or interested in joining?  Reach out to us:

    We look forward to your involvement in supporting the Francis Howell North Band program and creating memorable experiences for our students!