As announced at the band booster meeting, we now have the opportunity to order scrip cards online.  You can order physical gift cards, eCards, and reload old scrip cards.  You can either pay by check, or you can pay directly out of your bank account.  There is a 15 cent transaction fee per order.  I have had a couple of people try this out.  I will just quote Julie Perry: 

“I bought a card from Best Buy to order a laptop for my son’s Christmas present, and I had it w/in 2-3 minutes and was able to immediately place the order. All I had to do was cut and paste the gift card # and pin # from the app onto the Best Buy website when they asked how I was going to pay at the end of the order.”

So, if you want to have that option, all you have to do is send me an email letting me know you want to participate.  You will get an invite via email, which will tell you how to get started.  I have an informational flyer attached as well.  Family_Ordering_Guide
If you plan on ordering physical cards, you need to have your order in by Sunday at 5:00pm to receive them at the next pickup on Dec. 4
Any questions, let me know.